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Let’s connect the dots between the places that fascinate you and the work that lights you up, to start building your next big thing.

Perhaps you’re enthusiastic about the possibility of working on the other side of the world but uncertain about how to make it happen. I can help. 

For eight out of the past ten years I’ve lived and worked in Chile and China, far from my California hometown.  Being an outsider has given me an unusual perspective on how to navigate ambiguity.

leslie forman with bellhop cartI always have questions:

What’s your story?

What motivates you to embark on this journey?

Why do I feel like a different person when I speak different languages? Have you experienced this too?

This perspective has helped me guide my students and clients through creative challenges, with empathy and enthusiasm.

My work has been featured in publications such as Forbes, The Muse, Americas Quarterly, Brazen Careerist and The Huffington Post. I’ve been a featured speaker at UC Berkeley’s Career Center, MEC-U (Motivando el Emprendimiento en la Comunidad Universitaria — a government-backed entrepreneurship program for university students in Iquique, Chile) and dozens of classes and events in Chile and China.

Whether it’s in Chile, China, the US or somewhere new, my work is about bringing new ideas to life. (For more details, I invite you to check out my LinkedIn profile.)

Say hi and let me know how I can support you.

Leslie Forman with students in Iquique

In the words of my clients…

“You opened my eyes and helped me answer one of the most important questions in my life: What do I want to be in the future?” — L.G. Iquique, Chile.

“So I have taken your advice and you really, really made me reconsider my approach to getting abroad. There are different ways to begin an international career and your road-map has allowed me to rethink the path that makes the most sense for me. I truly thank you for that.” — Ariana Breckner, Boston.

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colorful mural in valparaiso
This site is a work in progress, as it has been since it first launched in 2009. It’s traveled a long way, from Jiaxing (where I reflected on development economics, Wal-Mart, and the man in the fountain) to Mongolia (where I wrote about yanic symbols in architecture) to Easter Island (where I photographed a cemetery with a view) to Valparaiso (home of the mural you see here and inspiration for this Versa-Letter).
After spending eight of the past ten years in Chile and China, now I’m embarking on a new adventure. I’ve returned to my hometown, San Francisco, to develop my skills in User Experience Design. I’ve spent my entire career working in ambiguous, cross-cultural and multilingual settings. That’s to say that I am uniquely qualified to consider how people interact with systems. And as a teacher, I’m adept at relating complex ideas to people of different academic, cultural and linguistic backgrounds. And always curious about new ideas and opportunities!

Say hi and let me know how I can support you: leslieforman@gmail.com or with this nifty form. 

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