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A Festival of Lights — Inside My Head, All Over My Living Room (and for you!)

Happy Chrismukkah! Yes, that word may or may not have been coined on The OC, and it’s what we celebrated here in Chile. With latkes and ornaments. And this amazing a capella parody song by The Maccabeats. A festival of lights.

And I’m finally able to step back from everything I’ve been doing this year. So much movement, so many ideas, so many different projects and connections and challenges.

I look back at the past few months of this blog, and see a theme: figuring out new ways to deal with stressuncertainty, and overwhelm.

And now, my slate is finally clean(ish). The grades are in, the invoices have been sent, the diplomado is almost finished.

My brain is exhausted. My body is exhausted.

How lucky I am to have so many opportunities. How silly I am to say yes to almost all of these opportunities.

I’m learning so much. Concepts flash/spin/twirl in my head and get scribbled in my notebooks — about social enterprise, effective teaching, stages of living and working abroad, why planning and goal setting make me so uneasy, and so much more.

Whatever you’re celebrating this season, wherever you are in the world — I wish you peace and love and joy, and the lights to see it all.

Part of the My Global Life linkup hosted by Small Planet Studio.

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  1. Hi Leslie. Thanks for leaving me a note on my blog pointing towards yours. I’m such a blog novice (read: dork) that I can’t figure out how to respond to the last message you left me on my blog, so I’m posting a response here. I wanted to see if you knew of Global Niche? I know one of the founders through She Writes, and it sounds like they might do work somewhat similar to yours in terms of your career course. You can find more info about them here: Anastasia is the woman I know, and I imagine there’s info on that link about how to get in touch with her, but if you want me to do an intro, just let me know. Not sure exactly what networking with her could do, but I always feel like expanding our circles, when we have a career like writing, can’t hurt. Anyway, looking forward to staying connected!

  2. This is a great reminder at any time of year to take a break and appreciate everything around you. Thanks for sharing this post in the #MyGlobalLife Link-Up!

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