Leslie Forman


January 30, 2012

Larry Summers is Wrong: Why Learning Multiple Languages is So Valuable

Today’s New York Times features a Room for Debate section about the need to learn multiple languages. Six panelists, including author Stacie Berdan, agree that it is crucial to learn more than one language to operate in the new, globalized world. They all refute an assertion by Lawrence Summers, former president of Harvard University and former […]

January 24, 2012

Anatomy of a Much-Retweeted Tweet: audience, keywords, immediate benefit

Yesterday I tweeted: So far this link has been shared, retweeted, and favorite’d 15 times, which is a lot more than most of the links, pictures, and observations I share on Twitter. Why this tweet? I have some ideas. 1) Clear Audience. I addressed this tweet towards China-philes. This is a relatively broad, inclusive, and […]

January 10, 2012

Madam Tusan: Chinese Cuisine with Peruvian & Chilean Characteristics

I wrote this a few months back, right when the restaurant opened. A delicious side of modern China-Chile relations!  Madam Tusan, a Chinese-Peruvian restaurant, opened a few months ago at Parque Arauco, an upscale mall that looks like it could be in Southern California. We visited the restaurant after reading this tempting review in the […]

December 7, 2011

The Cultural Revolution Cookbook: A Tasty Embrace of China’s Contrasts

Thanks to a thoughtful recommendation from Elise Bauer, author Scott Seligman sent me a review copy of The Cultural Revolution Cookbook, which is available on Amazon.com. I loved the book’s artful explanation of how disastrous government policy brought forth creative self-reliance. For most Chinese who lived through the Cultural Revolution, the very idea of a […]

November 6, 2011

How to Give a Speech that Resonates

I’ve been meaning to write about Nancy Duarte for a long time. Now I have the ideal examples to write this in a California-China-Chile context! Yes! Nancy and my dad worked together many years ago at Apple. In 1990 she founded Duarte Design. The company has since grown into the world leader in presentation design and training. […]

October 1, 2011

When Frida Kahlo came to my ESL class in China…

Halloween has always been my favorite holiday. This is no secret. I included this information in the first line of the bio I wrote for this site, and last year I posted so many Halloween posts that my dad made fun of me. Since it´s October, that means I can start celebrating, right?? While searching […]

September 30, 2011

La nueva triple frontera: California, China y Chile

Last night I spoke at the Meetup in Viña del Mar. The event was excellent! Here is the blurb we used to advertise it: Leslie Forman, a California native who spent four years working in China, will speak about the new frontier of connections between California, China, and Chile (EN ESPAÑOL.) She is the daughter […]

September 3, 2011

Unexpected Perk of Start-Up Chile: Mining-Specific Chinese Vocab Lessons!

This week I learned a bunch of new vocabulary in Chinese! 挖土机 [wātǔjī] = bulldozer 港口[gǎngkǒu] = port 皮卡 [píkǎ] = pick-up truck 地形 [dìxíng] = landscape, topography Why did I need these words? I’ve recently started doing some Chinese-Spanish translation work for mining companies. In China I worked in many different industries, but mining […]

This photo illustrates one of the many meanings of China in Chile. September 2, 2011

Rejected Names For My Future Company

Several well-intentioned people have suggested names for my hypothetical future China-Chile translation and consultancy business.

August 22, 2011

Thermodynamics in Verse: The Poetry of Heat

Lately I have been talking a lot about heat, and thinking about the language we use to describe heat. In a meeting with several senior professors of mechanical engineering, I learned that “heat exchanger” translates to intercambiador de calor, and stretched my brain to explain concentrated solar power technology in semi-intelligent Spanish. Slightly more sophisticated […]