Leslie Forman

Green Energy & Innovations

September 27, 2011

Wind Energy in Chile – news and photos from Totoral, Ovalle, Vestas, and Barrick

Our trip to Chile’s IV Region has brought us up close and personal with Chile’s most high-profile wind energy projects. Parque Eólico Totoral On Ruta 5 Norte between Los Vilos and La Serena, you can see these turbines at the top of the hill. Built by Norwegian developer SN Power, it contains 23 125m wind […]

September 15, 2011

On Solyndra, Failure and Energy Innovation

Yesterday I wrote about failure, and how it could be one of the keys to success. This connects to the recent controversy over Solyndra’s failure, as well as to energy and innovation in general. I found this brilliant paragraph by Matthew Nordan, whose bio reads “I’m a venture capital investor at Venrock focused on energy and environmental technologies. […]