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In everything I do, I ask big questions, make sense of all the pieces, and craft language and visuals to present it to the world.

Powered by entrepreneurial spirit, my background is diverse. I’ve collaborated with global startups, taught business courses at the university level, written for multinational companies, and more — in Chile, China and California.

After eight years abroad, I moved back to my hometown, San Francisco, where I’ve most recently led full website redesigns for Bridgecrest Medical and Jennifer Massoni Pardini.

At my core, the way I approach every professional challenge is shaped by my years as a teacher, working closely with each student to identify personal strengths, clarify goals, and connect a wide range of reference points — which may include the Business Model Canvas, the secret to creativity and productivity, the user experience design toolkit, and my broad multilingual perspective — to bring new ideas to life.This is a collage of photos from workshops that Leslie Forman led in Iquique, Chile.

My work has been featured in publications such as Forbes, The Muse, Americas Quarterly, Brazen Careerist and The Huffington Post. I’ve been a featured speaker at UC Berkeley’s Career Center, MEC-U (Motivando el Emprendimiento en la Comunidad Universitaria — a government-backed entrepreneurship program for university students in Iquique, Chile) and dozens of classes and events in Chile and China.

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Say hi and let me know how I can support you. Please feel free to email me directly at leslieforman [at] gmail [dot] com :)

One idea that I’m especially passionate about helping people bring to life is the dream of combining work and travel

Here’s my visual guide to international career opportunities, which I created in collaboration with Chilean artist Ignacio Barceló. I’m in the process of writing a book on this same topic.

Get a sneak peek at my book-in-progress. It’s packed with big questions, behind-the-scenes stories, and helpful links.


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This site is a work in progress, as it has been since it first launched in 2009. 
It’s traveled a long way, from Jiaxing (where I reflected on development economics, Wal-Mart, and the man in the fountain) to Mongolia (where I wrote about yanic symbols in architecture) to Easter Island (where I photographed a cemetery with a view) to Valparaiso (home of the mural you see here and inspiration for this Versa-Letter).

Here are a few of my most popular articles: 

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