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User Experience Design Resources

As some of you may know, I returned to San Francisco to enroll in General Assembly’s User Experience Design Immersive. I had a great experience with the course and am passionate about helping people create better experiences through their products and services.

Here are case studies about how I’ve worked with Bridgecrest Medical to prevent mining accidents, and Jennifer Massoni Pardini to support grieving parents.

A bunch of people have emailed me with questions about favorite resources on this topic, and my answers usually include the following links. So I thought it would be useful to compile them all here on the blog. Enjoy!

Here are some of my favorite videos, articles and books on the topic:

UX Mastery, What the #$%@ is UX Design?

I found this video through XX+UX, “a place for women (XX) in User Experience Design (UX) to share stories, news, and encouragement with each other.” Sponsored by Google, the organization has an active Google+ group and hosts excellent events.

Braden Kowitz, Google Ventures. Designing for Startups.

The Google Ventures Design Library includes tons of practical tips for designers, especially those building products for growing companies. Here’s a favorite of mine: 5 principles for great interface copywriting.

I was lucky enough to attend the 2014 Warm Gun Conference, where Braden Kowitz gave this talk, but you can watch the entire day of ultra-practical talks on design and business here on YouTube. 

Erika Hall, Mule Design. Just Enough Research.

The Mule Design blog shares lots of helpful perspectives on design. I especially like this one: Why Gender Balance is Important to Us.

Alexa Roman, A UX Primer in Powers of Ten

Ari Weissman, User Flows in UX Design: What Clients Need to Know

Leah Buley, Being a UX Team of One

I’ve also read her book on the same topic and it’s full of practical tips to help lone wolf UX designers everywhere.

Laura Klein, User Experience Design for Lean Startups

This book has the clearest illustrations of any book I’ve read on this topic. I used them in the entrepreneurship classes in Chile to talk about product-market fit and minimum viable products in a concrete and non-jargon-y way (gaps, bridges, people, cupcakes.) So helpful.

Abby Covert, How to Make Sense of Any Mess

I reviewed this book here.

It makes me feel more confident about tackling my current challenge: writing a guide to international career opportunities. I’ve got illustrations (Gracias Nacho!) I’ve got 8+ years of anecdotes and 5 years of blog posts and several years of presentations and conversations about this topic. I’m not starting from scratch. I have a deadline. (Thank you Erin.)


But it feels like a mess! So many documents! So many stories! So many aspects to cover!


This book helped. It’s concise.

Designing Yourself

A podcast by Whitney Hess and Paul McAleer that shares personal perspectives on user experience and life. Always thought-provoking!

The UX Intern

This podcast features interviews with a wide range of leaders in the user experience design world. Here are the UX Intern’s reflections upon finishing his series of interviews. 

What else might you add to this list?